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Fly To The Sky / Ventura Sports

Our Team:

We have been working on Fly To The Sky (Craig Succop since 2009 and Jong Keun Song since 2016) to offer you safe and memorable tandem paragliding while exploring the beautiful countryside of Korea. We make great efforts to offer you the best adventure travel experience, more outdoor activities are coming from us soon!

Our mission statement:

We empower people to celebrate something, check something off their bucket list, get out of their comfort zone, have an unforgettable and unique lifetime experience. They prove it by doing something challenging and sharing that experience with the rest of the world. Adventure tourism is not only for the fun lovers or thrill seekers!

We transform. Adventure sports it is also a sign that people may be ready to turn a positive point in their life, they possibly want to change their lifestyle. Our customers may be afraid of heights and want to get rid of it. We give them the opportunity to feel strong and confident (again) in a safe environment.

We bring together all kinds of people through adventure travel while they are exploring the Korean countryside – a different, genuine aspect of Korea.

Our office:

Fly To The Sky / Ventura Sports (벤투라 스포츠) is a proud second batch resident of the Seoul Global Startup Center (서울글로벌창업센터), our office is in Yongsan (Seoul).

Our advisors:

We have three advisors, they work in employee engagement / workplace innovation, as a serial tech entrepreneur and at a global travel company.


In Media:

TBS eFM Radio Program ‘Koreascape’ Broadcasted Coverage of SeoulGSC and Resident startups. Topic: Startup Programs for Foreign Entrepreneurs in Korea. Interviewee: Craig. Contents: the purpose of SeoulGSC’s programs, programs in details, successful startup cases, the purpose of starting business in Korea as a foreigner, etc. Click here to listen to the episode: http://www.podbbang.com/ch/10121?e=22310468

​KBS TV (명견만리) featured the legendary investor Jim Rogers, Seoul GSC and our company in their program. http://office.kbs.co.kr/mylovekbs/archives/321271


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